Black Over White

Black over White
Underwritten by Eta and Sass Somekh

Musical concert underwritten by Judy Estrin

Idan Raichel is an Israeli musician/composer/producer known for  specializing in the fusion of  musical traditions of many nations. Called “the Idan Raichel Project”, it has captured the imagination, and following, of people around the world.  In 2006, the group conducted a tour to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and for the Israeli band members who were born in Ethiopia, the experience was one of profound emotion. This film follows the group as it anticipates, arrives, and performs in the heart of Africa. Great music throughout.

Followed by:
West Bank Story

USA/2005 English (20 min.) Feature/Short

2006 Academy Award Winner for Best Short Film, the film is a musical comedy which promotes peace in the Middle East through humor.

Yuval Ron, who composed the music for the film will present a special screening and a live music performance.

Idan Raichel Project in Concert…Coming in March 2010

The film, Black over White, provides a glimpse of Idan Raichel and his world music project. You can see and hear Idan Raichel and his group in person, March 11, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. at the new Albert Schultz Cultural Arts Hall at the Oshman Family JCC. Click here for more information.

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Film Details
Tomer Heymann
Written by:
Tomer Heymann
English, Hebrew and Amharic w/subtitles
Running time:
54 min.


An evening of movie and music

After the two films:

Oscar® winning composer, world music producer Yuval Ron  (Oud) and International Percussionist and educator  Dror Sinai, with talented musician Peter Jaques will take you on a Journey of Jewish World Music.

You’ll love the songs of the Middle East and North Africa deserts. Includes songs in Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic, Ladino, and Turkish. Besides his Academy Award for “West Bank Story”, Yuval has a long list of musical credits including “Sleeper Cell”,  “Someone to Die For”, “Oliver Twist” and “Golda’s Balcony”. Dror Sinai is an international performer, educator, as well as the Founder of Rhythm Fusion, Inc. in Santa Cruz. In 2002, he received the Gail Rich award for supporting the arts..Peter Jacques directs the Brass Menazeri Balkan Brass Band which won the “Best International Band” category in the SF Weekly’s Reader Choice awards. He combines Balkan, Rom, Greek, Turkish and klezmer to create a deeply soulful approach to his music

Dror Sinai

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