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Hitler's Children

Underwritten by Nikki and Nati Zommer

Hitler's Children

Descendants of some of the most prominent and cruelest Nazis do exist. While many of them understandably seek anonymity, a few do not. A German-speaking Israeli interviews the descendants of Hermann Göring, Heinrich Himmler, Hans Frank, and Rudolf Höss (commandant of Auschwitz-Birkenau). The film provides an unusual exploration of the varying degrees to which these descendants have reconciled familial obligations with the evil committed by family members who preceded them.

* Northern California Premier *

Following the Film

Chanoch Ze'eviHear from Chanoch Ze'evi, the director. Due to director's scheduling conflict, Mr. Ze'evi will speak to the audience via Skype. In 17 years of filmmaking, Mr. Ze'evi has addressed issues of conflict, reconciliation, and the social and political circumstances that define identity. His films are intended to forge paths and build bridges between opposing groups and cultures.

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Film Details

Chanoch Ze'evi
Israel and Germany
English, German and Hebrew (with English subtitles)
Running time:
80 min.
Genre: Documentary
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